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May I first start by saying thank you so much for introducing me to the world of D3!! After reading the first book (currently reading The Miraculous cure for and prevention of all diseases), I started my dangerous journey of D3 and had amazing results. Issues ranging from tendonitis, depression, clicky bones…all to be fully healed! I began noticing other things too like a common area on my teeth were I usually got plaque one day just seemed to disappear. I was never ill (cold)  (sick) while doing my year or so long course of D3 ranging from 10,000-100,000 (taking one super k for every 10,000 D3) but at one point I did get severe pain in my ankles witch prevented me from getting about as much…this pain I believe was off the process of the D3 healing. May I add here that my ankles are in a great shape. Before D3 the doctor gave me ultrasound for Tendonitis and it didnt work well. Jogging became a struggle putting me out of training. After taking my dangerous dose of D3 and bearing through that healing pain my ankles are that good i can run for miles and miles again and hop on one foot, prooving i could exert alot of pressure in those areas with no issues at all, i was amazed!!! Coincidence im not sure but my Tinea Vasicolour ( pityriasis versicolor) also seemed to shrink dramatically and became more controlled. My fitness training excelled and i was in the best shape id ever been in. I just felt on top and amazing!!
Infortunately i stopped takin D3 and now 5 days into my next adventure with D3 i realise what a stupid mistake it was to stop….depression has came back, bones seem to be clicking again, front tooth has chipped causing concern as im only 32 years old and with a global epidemic Covid 19 causing paranoia in many ways it felt like I needed to get back on the good stuff, D3!
5 days in and im already feeling benefits. I feel more alive, my depression hasnt been so bad and in turn my anxiety has calmed down alot!! Although I am currently in a lockdown due to covid 19 (live in the UK) and have been for many weeks I feel since ive been taking D3 ive been able to tackle the stress lockdown brings alot better than before D3 supplementation!….i am very excited for what the future is going to bring for me this time round as i now know D3 is here to stay in my life!!
One issue…. ive had a few family issues causing me extreme stress. Ive always suffered with thin hair and seem to loose it quite easy. Due to recent issues ive lost alot of hair (very embarassing for a female). Ive taken Biotin and MSM in the past and it done me wonders….like with everything ive learned once you stop supplementation the benefits obviously also stop. So here i am ready to start Biotin and MSM again…..BUT….is one MSM 1500mg tablet a day ok to take with the D3 and Super K as it contains Calcium as Dicalcium Phosphate 110mg??……is that too much calcium? And also it Biotin ok to take?………i will be ordering Magnesium asap…..
Hi Becky

once you get through my new book what doctors never learned  you will see high dose d3 can eat up your zinc
and zinc deficeincy also leads to hair loss (alopecia)  especially on the back of the head  at least I have seen 2 cases of this which were corrected by taking higher dose zinc  50 to 100 mg  2 x a day…..
a little caclium probably wont hurt  but try and find pure MSM caps  next time  I just bought some for my dogs
when  the little dogs take 1 gram per day  (20 pounds)  whatever  itchy parasites they pick up in the park  are driven away  within a week…3 grams a day for my 100 pound geman shepherd….
also anxiety and panic atacks  are a symptom of magnesium deficeincy  so if you up your magensium dosing to maybe 350 to 500 mg  2 x a day  (get extended-release magnesium) sells it it stays on your blood 6 hours…..
it takes about 1 year  or more to fully correct a magnesium deficeicy  also d3  eats up your magensium  at a very fast rate..
make sure you study my new book
also for your teeth   boron  will give you much stronger bones that doctors find difficult to cut with a saw…so since teeth are bones  the boron should strengethen your teeth too
I beleive that high dose d3 also eats up your boron!  I suggest  21 mg  2x a day  it comes in 3mg pills which are ridiculously small….
you might be able to find a cheaper alternative  in the laundry section of the grocery strore…see if they sell Borax  to whiten your clothes  this should be pure sodium tetra borate….(4 borons to one 1/2 a salt molecule…read teh ingredeints label make sure it is pure…the label will say dangerous  do not consume   but many pelple take 1/8th a teaspoon  2x a day  for arhtritis…
and the great news about covid-19 is that if your d3 levels are higher than 40 ng/ml  or 100 nmol/l   the UK scale you will never be admitted to the hospital for covid 19
they did a study here in the US  and found nobody admitted for covid-19  had a d3 level of over 100 nmol/L  if you get it even higher level which I’m sure you have you should be immune to symptoms  the virus should pass rightt through you if infected (with no symptoms) Also they found the lower the d3 levels in patients the worse the outcome…
i wrote a book on it which is Banned by AMA-zon  for now  but I will send you a pdf file….hope you enjoy it…you should turn this email into a review for the book at the amazon uk site  that would be great
so please update me with your progress you belong in the 1,000+ high dose D3 case studies search engine!!
thank will send free ebook from differnt emaill address  ( ) please  respond  so I will have your email address for future reference..I might nee soem reveiws  if the book ever gets published…the I can email you   thanks  JB
see the search engine  at

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  1. Debbie Peers-Smith says:

    Hi, I’m Debbie, I’m very interested in high dose Vit D to treat Crohn’s and type 1 Diabetes. These are conditions my good friend of 64 has had for many years. He takes insulin in tablet form for diabetes and controls Crohn’s with diet. Crohns developed 30 years ago Diabetes after . I feel they are linked
    Recently he has had increased flares. ( he is currently having one )
    He started taking Vit D a few days ago 4000iu

    I believe he could benefit hugely from high dose ViT D But need advice
    I have been researching Vit D as I am aware how important it is for our bodies and take 4000iu everyday. I would like to increase this to help with my osteoarthritis & prevent osteoporosis.

    Any advice is very welcome
    Best wishes

  2. Should my comment be about the previous blog post, or can I ask some questions?

  3. Debbie Copeland says:

    Hi Jeff
    Just finished your first book. I truly enjoyed it. Very informative. I have read several of your blogs. I had wondered why you didn’t have a book about Vitamin D and COVID 19. Now I understand why it is not available. I will try to order in bulk, I hope I’m successful, it would save a lot of money. I’m definitely increasing my Vitamin D and K2. I had always wondered what happened with Jack LaLaine that was interesting . Thank you for providing such helpful information.

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