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I would like to know if (in your opinion) the following protocol might be an intelligent option to beat depression:
21,000 IU of D3 + 3 K2 pills (= 300 mcg) (MK7) daily.
Fyi, I take 750 mgr of Magnesium daily, and am already accustomed to 7,000 IU of D3.
I am 48 years old.
Many thanks in advance,
Hi Ben  I think that should do the trick depending on your weight….

you should go to the JeffTbowles.com   website  and search the term  “depression”:
there is one testimonial from a guy who threw away his Prozac  after taking  a similar amount  of d3
Wow, thanks Jeff for the prompt and generous reply.
Hard to believe, but the 20 x 1000 (D3) already works.
I take it in the morning with pure fat (butter).
My weight is 180 pounds.
I will buy your books (+ ebooks, etc.) for sure.
May the best – the very best – be given to you, and to your dear ones!

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