Martha F
From Facebook- 1/20/2021

Jeff Bowles
only because you seem interested, not that you asked 😅 i had Kawasaki Disease as a kid (3) and I was constantly sick after KD, all of the time, I live in FL by the way, you’d think tons of sunshine and vit d. Well when i was 18 I was so tired of being sick all of the time I went to the dr and was like we need to figure this out, after getting blood work done a few times found out not only was my vit d very very low, my body wasnt storing it either. I started taking vit d supplements and it worked well, until i stopped taking them.. i was sick for a year straight, no lie, starting taking them again and so far I haven’t been sick in a year now. Started double dosing at first, and now I take 5k iu a day to maintain along with getting sun whenever possible. 🤷‍♀️ anecdotal at best but Vit D has helped me tremendously.
And to add to the OP i had tons of pooping issues as a kid. Had to see a specialist. They said nothing was wrong with me. Prescibed miralax which gave me extreme rage, emotional issues, body aches, fatigue. And my parents didnt put 2 and 2 together it was from the miralax 🙃 fun times lol additionally wether KD is an autoimmune disease or not, thats what they told my parents and presumably other parents as well, in the 90s.

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