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    Okay, so this is super confusing. The more I read your books and articles, the more confused I’m getting how much to take of what. I got super cheap d3 chewable tablets from india. Each contain 60k IU.
    I plan to start with 30k IU initially, and then see how it goes and increase from there.
    Now please tell me how much of what else should I be taking?
    My profile – 36 yr old/ female/living in Singapore. South asian race (brown).. Gone through sleeve gastrectomy long back, now the weight is creeping in again.
    Suffering from depression, anxiety, ADD, and the works.

    • The only real way to know what you should be taking is to document your current intake and get a D serum level test. To protect against flu and that is COVID you want your serum level to be above 60 ng/ml. Mine is always in the high 70’s. Last time was 77 ng/ml. It usually takes 2 or 3 tests to find you proper level, which will need to increase in the winter when you do not get much sun. I have been taking 10,000 IUs a day for over 10 years. As to your weight, if you consume 50 grams of protein within ONE hour of rising and cut out most carbs, you will see the weight come of, especially above the waist. I lost 65 lbs. in 6 months doing that. God bless.

  2. Mike Ellwood says:

    For people in the UK, I can recommend “Oxford Vitality” (via Amazon UK). Look for their D3 + K2 offerings in 500 tablet packs. Fairly cost-effective. They do an MK4 version and an MK7 version, and shipping within the UK is usually free. The tablets are nice and small, also.

  3. isabelle says:

    Hello ! Could you advise me where to buy D3 + K2 for France?

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