Man Cures his type II diabetes and stops taking insulin and metformin after a year of high dose D3 therapy

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Hello Mr. Bowles,

my blood sugar levels before taking D3 was up to 250 ngl / dm and my medication, I’ve used before and D3were metformin 1000mg (2x a day) and inculin 24 and again inculin daily 30 and 10 Super k2 from lef. and I’ve taken 3 tablespoons of black seed oil Organic day and 1 tablespoon of linseed oil bio. I had forgotten to write.

After therapy is my blood sugar level 116 ngl / dm and now I stopped. My values are from 2 months and since then I use 30,000 he and take my black seed oil Organic and 1 tablespoon of linseed oil bio and 10 Super k2 from lef. ,

Now my blood sugar is normal and I do not use the medication also.

Thanks for all the information in their mail and your help.