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Case Study # 5: Heart Surgeon Cures 10-Year Ulcerative Colitis with High-Dose Vitamin D3 in 10 Months!

By Jeff T Bowles | Amazon Best Selling Science Author Anyone can get Ulcerative Colitis (UC) seemingly at any time. You really DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH UC- Why? In some of the worse cases, UC sufferers have to undergo a proctocolectomy, a surgical procedure in which the colon and rectum are removed, followed […]

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Almost Instant Relief from life long Ulcerative Colitis

A message from a user: Dear Jeff, I have had ulcerative colitis my whole life. I am now 65 years old! I’ve never had normal stool. Only watery diarrhea with much blood. I will spare you all the other illnesses that came a long. I have been in and out of hospitals all of my […]

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A Cardiac Surgeon discusses how he cured his Ulcerative Colits of 10 years with high dose D3 while all the Big Pharma drugs did not work

Here is a recent email exchange between me and a cardiac surgeon from Italy who cured his ulcerative colitis with 80,000 iu of d3 a day… he had the disease for 10 years and tried all the drugs to no avail: Dr. – No problem Jeff. It is a big pleasure. Jeff – I will […]

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