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5 Responses so far.

  1. Can’t seem to get (as your initial page indicated) the ‘search’ button to work on the second page. (Presumably skippered by Big Pharma operatives) I was wanting to inform friends and family in other ways than buying the book.

  2. i recently purchased D3 & K2, and am taking 20,000 i.u. daily plus 960 mg of k2…i hope this is not too much as I still fear toxicity…please comment at your leisure…thank you…bought and read your 2 books…..excellent info…jeff westcott

    • Kristi Braunz says:

      I take 30,000 iu vitamin d, 30,000 vitamin k, and I ordered remag. It absorbs much better to keep your magnesium up. And I went a got my blood levels tested at a local lab for about 100$ and I am at a good level for everything. Plus I am out in the Arizona sun a lot.

  3. Kenji Sato says:

    It was very interesting that the therapeutic intake of vitamin D obesity and cancer was the same.

    Is cancer an overgrowth at the cellular level and obesity an overgrowth at the individual level?

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