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  1. Can’t seem to get (as your initial page indicated) the ‘search’ button to work on the second page. (Presumably skippered by Big Pharma operatives) I was wanting to inform friends and family in other ways than buying the book.

    • Jim Taylor says:

      I have read both your books and immediately started taking D3 and K2 started with 5000, tested at 45, increased to 10,000 IU for 1 month tested at 78. increased to 20,000 IU and a monthly 50,000 IU. tested at 164. I had heart surgery in Dec 2020 replace arortic valve called Tavir. Was diagnosed with stage 2 kidney disease. My kidney doctor took me off D3 for 4 months, no calcium problems. I am going back on D3.

  2. i recently purchased D3 & K2, and am taking 20,000 i.u. daily plus 960 mg of k2…i hope this is not too much as I still fear toxicity…please comment at your leisure…thank you…bought and read your 2 books…..excellent info…jeff westcott

    • Kristi Braunz says:

      I take 30,000 iu vitamin d, 30,000 vitamin k, and I ordered remag. It absorbs much better to keep your magnesium up. And I went a got my blood levels tested at a local lab for about 100$ and I am at a good level for everything. Plus I am out in the Arizona sun a lot.

  3. Kenji Sato says:

    It was very interesting that the therapeutic intake of vitamin D obesity and cancer was the same.

    Is cancer an overgrowth at the cellular level and obesity an overgrowth at the individual level?

  4. Milena DelTorto says:

    Hi jeff
    I heard you on utube and bought ur d3 book. Could u give me proper ratios of d3 k2tmk7 and experiencing some constipation mild kidney pain. I’m taking 10k iu without issues (getting better sleep) but would like to increase but so far I get issues as mentioned. Any chance I could chat? Thanks.

  5. Dr. Paul Cohen says:

    How much K2 should I take with 20,000 IU of D3
    How much K2 should I take with 30,000 IU of D3

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