From depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue to energy and health

From depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue to energy and health

From depression, arthritis, chronic fatigue to energy and health

Reviewed in Canada on December 16, 2018
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I read this book in January 2017 in English but I just downloaded it in French for free. I am glad that the French version is available because I will be able to offer it to more people.

It was a revelation about my health problems for 35 years. I started with 50,000 IU for 3 days and then reduced to 10,000 IU by the time my bones calm down … the pain has the symptoms that vitamin D goes into the bones. Then I went to 20,000 and 50,000 IU. Why am I not afraid? Because I was tired of being sick and because I read the book well and understood the principle.
I had endless colds and flu, a weakness in the lungs which made me pass for an asthmatic, I was often depressed and suffered from seasonal depression since the year 2000 (2 years after my arrival in a northern country).

In January 2017, I had chronic fatigue that had lasted almost 10 years. I worked but that was it. My energy was low. I collapsed on the sofa on arrival.

When I started the protocol, the first thing I noticed was what mucus was coming from my lungs (read my review published in English in 2017). Every day, my lungs became a little more light and I understood that that was what was responsible for my many asthma tests. Then, my energy doubled and tripled! I no longer needed to sit at work and I became optimistic. It was in the middle of winter but I didn’t care about the cold! Oh, my cold feet have warmed up. I suffered from icy feet and always had to find a way to improve my circulation. In April 2017, my cold feet warmed up after these huge doses that I was taking. I think I was on 50,000 IU but it
What I am sure of is the energy, the optimism (no more depression!), The fatigue started running and finally, another enormous gain that remained is the fact of no longer being in the mists ( no more brain fog): I could finally remember the things I was doing. Someone told me about this improvement in a facebook group but I didn’t believe it much because I have heavy metal poisoning and I know that the real clarity comes just from the chelation of mercury. So, in my opinion, vitamin D kills candida albicans which are in our intestinal flora. This fungal infection is normal but can weigh down a body when it takes up too much ground. I know that the symptoms of candida c is also the lack of clarity in the ideas and in the head.

What I regret is that I didn’t know the secret of vitamin D before my genes turned on. I understood that my body did not have enough vitamin D in the 2000s and in 2009, I had to be at the bottom of the well my D levels had just dropped because I had left the tropical climate where I grew up 10 years earlier, the time necessary for a good build and to activate my problematic genes.
I also understood that this protocol of high doses allowed me to fill the tank that I could not fill anymore with 2000 IU that I had started in 2007. Oh meanwhile, I had read other books on high doses but none spoke as well of research and convinced me. So I started and then stopped the vitamin d protocols. But for this protocol, I keep my rate quite high between 250 nmol / 100 ng and 350 nmol. I think I need this high rate to heal my body from the blows it has taken with lack of sun.

Finally, in 2015, my Cone beam test for teeth revealed degeneration in the neck. I didn’t know what it was but understood that it was bad maybe it was because my body was not in a good alignment. Finally, in June 2018 I managed to consult Dr. Turner in Barrie, Ontario. He is known to settle difficult cases. He had asked me to fsire radio neck and now he did not see this famous degeneration. He told me that I had been misinformed and that I have no arthritis! (Oh so it was arthritis, what was I stupid).

I pray for the person who shared this book with me. This day in January 2017 was blessed. Thank God!!! Thank you Jeff Bowles and thank you this gentleman who told me about the protocol.

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