High Dose D3 has cured blindness in one eye cause by Thrombosis, helps endometriosis, eliminates need for thyroid medication T3

High Dose D3 has cured blindness in one eye cause by Thrombosis, helps endometriosis, eliminates need for thyroid medication T3

Here is a recent email received from some a Vitamin D3 enthusiast in Austria-

>High Dose D3 has cured blindness in one eye caused by Thrombosis
>High Dose D3 helps endometriosis
>High Dose D3 eliminates need for thyroid medication T3

Sent: Mon, Dec 7, 2015 12:40 am
Subject: Super exciting News!!! Re: Vit D3

Dear Jeff,
I’ve got some really exciting news:
my husband and I started on the Vit D3 as described in your book last June, we took up to 60 000 i.E. a day (my husband, I took max. 40 000) and increased our blood-level from around 40 to 80. So far everything as predicted.
J****, my husband, age 53 tall and slim (a runner) had a thrombosis on the vein of his left eye about 2 years ago in summer. This is the most terrible thing, you wake up
in the morning and are suddenly blind on one eye. Basically nothing can be done about it, it’s irreversible, they managed to get him some sight-potential
on the edges of his vision-field, but in the end he was blind on this eye.
Immediately after taking the high dose of VitD3 Joe woke up on a sunny morning, looked at me in bed and said: ’You won’t believe it but I can see you on my blind eye!!!’ It’s like a miracle has happened, he has been to the doctor for check-up twice, he has regained 40% of his sight on the blind eye!!!! We are so happy!!! The doctor said that this was impossible because the Thrombosis causes an irreversible destruction. He of course wouldn’t believe it had anything to do with the VitD3 but as Joe keeps taking it, his level of sight has increases steadily. So a big ‘Thank
you’ to you and your book!!!! This also fits with your ‘repair theory’ of Vit D3.
For me things have been dramatically better too since taking the VitD3. My Endom. is on my bladder and I really had a terrible time during every menstruation in the past years. Now I take the VitD3, up to two a day if necessary and it’s so much better now that these days have become normal days and I don’t have to fear them as I did before. I will have an ultrasound scan in January and will keep you posted on the results. (Just one thing: if I take ‘too much’ VitD3 (40 000 over a few days when I am due) my period stops or doesn’t even start at all, which I think is interesting too)
We both had to stop taking our T3 medication for the thyroid, obivously the VitD3 increases the hormonal production so there was enough T3 produced in our bodies, with the medication and the VitD3 we both had heart-racing.
J**** and I feel better on a general level too and we lost a little weight and stopped gaining weight, which is terrific too.
So, really great news all together and a big thank you for sharing your knowledge in your book
all the best from Vienna/Austria
U**** S*****

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