How to Save on Amazon – Lesson 2

How to Save on Amazon When Buying Vitamins and Supplements
(Example: Prices of D3 of “NOW Brand” Varies 3.4 Times or 344%)

This analysis is more complicated that most people realize and that is why people loose so much money on supplements. But it will become easy and obvious once I show you how to save 20% to 50% on your Amazon purchases.

In this analysis, we’ll focus on just one supplement: Vitamin D3. And, one brand of it: NOW.

Of course, what you learn will apply to other vitamins and supplements of all kinds of brands.

The prices are for NOW Brand of Vitamin D3. See how much they vary for difference packaging and quantities.

Are you surprised? We were when we analysed the prices.

Prices are as of 4/15/2014

Vitamin 5000 IU 2000 IU 1000 IU
D3 5000 IU 240 caps $11.44
Price 100 caps of 5000 IU equivalent: $4.767
2000 IU 240 caps $9.99
Price 100 caps of 5000 IU equivalent: $10.40
Doctor’s Best 5000 IU, 360 caps $11.84
Price 100 caps of 5000 IU equivalent: $16.44
Result => Cheapest Midway priced Most expensive
How much expensive 100% 218% 344%

A Catch and How to Still Manage to Save

There is a catch here. And, the catch is: what if you have to take 2000 IU. What do you do then?
2 Ways to Manage to Save:

  1. Take two 5000 IU caps, break open 2 caps, and divide them into 5 parts. Each part will be 2000 IU.
  2. Take 5000 IU caps 3 times a week rather than 2000 IU seven times a week. It is approximately correct.

Lesson learned: It costs manufacturers a lot of money to create caps no matter how small the quantity, so whenever possible and practical, buy bigger quantities to save money. Caution: It applies to vitamins and minerals, but NOT for DRUGS that doctor gives you (always follow your doctor’s instructions).

The Savings are Bigger Between Different Brands: Click here

How to Save Even More By Buying Bulk: Click here

Disclaimer: We don’t own stocks or shares in any of the companies whose products are mentioned above.


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