Perfectly smooth heels like a child’s, without calluses

Perfectly smooth heels like a child’s, without calluses

For years I always wore flip flop sandals in the summer, and by the end of the summer I had large calluses on the bottom of my foot near my big toe. I also developed very rough thick cracked skin on the heels of my foot..There were a number of commercial solutions for this problem might have seen the “Ped Egg”  which basically sands the rough skin off the foot. The other solution is to apply various creams. Those things never worked for me.
Guess what? Since taking high doses of D3, I have not had any trace of thick skin or calluses on my feet or heels for the past several years… Perfectly smooth skin like a child’s.
Just another little amazing trick that D3 can perform.


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  1. John W says:

    I have thick, cracked skin on my heels and arches. I have had this issue for about a year and a half. I have used over the counter creams which have done absolutely nothing to for my feet. I went to the Dermatologist and he gave me a prescription for Amlactin which did nothing. My PCP then prescribed Ammonium Lactate which also had no effect and then finally a month ago, he prescribed Econazole Nitrate cream which actually made my feet worse. The next step is to take a pill which is really hard on your liver…I have since started putting Coconut oil on my feet which has helped to heal the cracks. For the past 5 days I started to take 30,000iu of D3, 600mg of Magnesium, 5mg of Boron, 15mg of Zinc and 1500mcg of K2 (MK-4)/300mcg of K2(MK-7) daily….So far nothing has changed with my feet. Please advise. Thanks for your help.

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