Restless Leg Syndrome Cured by High Dose D3

Restless Leg Syndrome Cured by High Dose D3

Restless Leg Syndrome Cured by High Dose D3

See the review left for a German book on high dose d3 translated with google translate>>

For more than 15 years, I have been suffering from RLS. In recent years it has become worse and worse. I had this urge to move in both legs in both arms. And finally it was so bad that I could not stop wiggling my head in bed like a small child. For 15 years I ran from one doctor to another. Even the strongest drugs against RLS did not help me. I had already given up and had accepted the disease. By chance, I leave on the Internet about the vitamin D. I have 2 days in the net informed and then the attempt started with 100,000 IU per day vitamin D to take.

And what should I say?

In the first night almost nothing could be felt from the tingling. I had almost eight hours of surgery on the first night. Now I sleep through every night and have a deep tight sleep again and am fit in the morning as in 15 years no longer. Other things have improved in a very short time. My skin image has improved. Back pain has become less. I have mild neurodermatitis and had to take a light cortisone ointment all my life. It gets better from day to day.

I will now regularly take my vitamin D. My life has changed by 180 degrees. If only I had known that before. ?

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