Chris P Covid-19

Dec 24, 2021, 10:37 AM (14 hours ago)

to me
Jeff – So here’s some real feedback from me (unfortunately) with Vitamin D and COVID. I took the Moderna vaccine back in March of this year, but didn’t go for the booster since I had a bad reaction to the 2nd Moderna shot (I felt strange for basically a month). In hindsight, this was a mistake. Last week, I was at dinner with somebody who tested positive for Covid the next day. Let’s presume this is the Omnicrom variant, but I’m not really sure. As a safety precaution to avoid having Christmas ruined (didn’t work), I started to take the Vitamin D hammer protocol. 3 days of 150,000 units, followed by 3 days of 100,000 units, followed by 3 days of 50,000 units daily. I started that plan Wednesday of last week. Well…. guess what….. this Monday I woke up with a bad sore throat, so I upped the Vitamin D back up to 150,000 units daily. On Tuesday, I took a PCR and tested negative. Then Wednesday, I took a rapid antigen and it tested positive. I had a low grade fever and then the typical head cold symptoms that you read right now about the Omnicom variant.

I can’t believe I’m saying this…. but the massive Vitamin D I was taking couldn’t save me. I really am shocked that I came down with this, since I upped the dose right when I was exposed. I know you wanted real life stories of people who are dealing with Covid and VItamin D, so here’s my story. On the advice of my Doc, who’s a big fan of Vitamin D but admits it didn’t save me here, I stopped with the mega-dosing. Since Wednesday, I’ve done 25 grams of intravenous Vitamin C. I’ve also been on zinc every hour, and a Z-Pack and Hydroxchilorine to get it absorbed. I am supposed to leave the country next week, so I need to get it out of my system so I don’t test positive on the rapid test.

In another turn of events, the nurse who gave me the intravenous Vitamin C yesterday also gave me an intramuscular shot of Vitamin D to the armm at 50,000 units. She told me to stop with the Vitamin D supplements, since this will push me really high in the numbers.
So here’s my real life story. I admit I felt pretty invincible to this whole thing, and now it ruined Christmas. I’m praying it doesn’t ruin New Year’s now.

Jeff B

12:39 AM (0 minutes ago)

HI Chris

thanks Ill add your story to the d3 search engine…I like to get and share all feedback good or bad…

Sorry to hear about that….But were you taking 20,000 IUs a day of d3 prior to getting infected? It takes about a week or 2 for D3 to convert to the active form of D3 called calcifediol. So if you had been taking your regular d3 doses prior to infection you would have had a reasonable amount of calcifediol in your system. Then on first sign of infection you could have taken the big doses and they should have converted into some extra calcifediol and stamped out the virus…Well at least you didn’t get any severe symptoms..

I recently heard of an Ai project where they tested all sorts of compounds to predict which one would have the most potent anti viral effect and the #1 substance was Vitamin K2!! They believe it is shaped so it will gunk up Covids attachment proteins… So I hope you get well soon..I have a source for active d3 (calcifediol) if you want it taknig it will cut about 1 t o 2 weeks off of the D3 conversion time..

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